Who is Summit Canyon?

What makes Summit Canyon Different from the rest?

Where it all started...

Summit Canyon began just a stones throw away  from the Colorado River in Glenwood Valley in 1978. Locally owned and operated, with a dedication to getting people outside with the correct gear for the best experience possible. When an opportunity became available in 2016 to make the leap over the river from the Clocktower building on Eighth and Grand to Sixth Street, Summit Canyon looked at is as an opportunity to carry even more incredible gear. With a growth is floor space, staff, awareness and a following, Summit Canyon began to become the store it had always envisioned being. The store began to see major renovations come December of 2016, as it had once been a Car Dealer. The Building offered great tall ceilings and 9,000 square ft of floor space making it the dream location to display all our favorite pieces of gear. Ownership at this point, began to become very involved with the Glenwood City Council with hopes of helping redevelop the sixth street district, where the historic Hot Spring and Hotel Colorado are located. Making it more walking friendly without speedy traffic rushing by. When the building was originally purchased, it didn't stand true to Summit Canyon's core values. The owners worked hand and hand with Clean Energy Economy for the Region and replaced all lighting fixtures on the premises with LED lighting and other energy efficient features that weren't used prior. At this point, Summit Canyon Mountaineering had established its self in downtown Grand Junction, supplying the Mesa County with gear and stoke for years. 

Aspen Times article-"In the early days of the shop, Western Colorado residents knew that when they needed the latest climbing gear, ski mountaineering bindings, and just about anything else for backcountry sports, Summit Canyon was the place with the equipment — and the expertise to go along with it.True to its roots, Summit Canyon is still Western Colorado’s best source for everything from ice climbing tools to river gear. What’s more, with today’s complex and highly engineered equipment demanding the best technical customer support, Summit Canyon delivers customer service that makes shopping the fun and productive experience it should be."

Why are we so passionate about getting outside?

For us, getting outside isn't something that can just be explained in just one sentence. It's almost something that speaks for its self; The feeling you get when you're driving out of town and the only lights on the horizon are behind you, it leaves you with a sense of curiosity and optimism. Not knowing what is around each corner, with anticipation of something breath taking, is why we continue to take another step. There is nobody telling you that you have to go outside or that you have to run 5 miles, its all out of self-will. There are so many incredible benefits to just getting outside in general, from lowing blood pressure and reducing stress to helping support graceful aging. We don't necessarily do it for those reasons but they are definitely added benefit's. When you talk to our staff, they will give you an abundance of answers about why they get outside-

Ranging from-

"Because I feel the most grounded when i'm surrounded by massive tree canopies and expansive views" 

-Brendon, Sales Associate 

"Being outside helps me put everything into perspective, realizing whats essential and whats a luxury of todays society. It has also helped to teach me to be self-sufficient and assess risks more effectively in real time."

-Mikayla, Sales Associate 

"For me, being outside is what makes me appreciate all the small things in life. When ever I go out in the back country it gives me time to reflect, and remind me of how fortunate I am to be able to do the stuff I do. As humans, we're given these two feel to help us explore so I may as well use them!"

-Owen, E-Commerce

Our Mission Statement

 Summit Canyon is driven by seeing positive change and growing the business to better suit its customers needs. We believe nature is integral to the human spirit, and adventure should be a lifelong experience. We love nothing more than hearing stories about our gear being used in the field, and how its made trips just that much more special. Our core values incude leaving an area better than you found it, continue to use sustainable buiesness practices and do whatever we can to help the people around us!

Meet the Summit Canyon Staff

Lyle - Store Manager/Ski Tech

Meet Lyle, our Store Manager at the Grand Junction location. Lyle has been apart of the Summit Canyon family for roughly 6 years, being an integral part of the team. Being our lead Ski Tech also, he often doesn't get a chance to stop moving. Lyle can be seen all around the state representing Summit Canyon at Running races, River Clean ups, Bike Nights, climbing events and so much more. With his depth of Climbing knowledge, Biking, Back Country and Alpine Skiing, he truly represents what as ideal Outdoor Gear Store Manager should be. 

Matt - Store owner

Matt and his brother Ben purchased Summit Canyon in August of 2021. Bringing new energy and new ideas to the store and making some overdue updates. Matt and His family moved here from Virgina where he worked in a Steel Mill not seeing the light of day for upwards of 20 hrs. As you can imagine, getting into this industry has allowed Matt to get outside and do what he loves most. On Matts occaional day off, you can find him volunteering at local events, hiking on the Mesa or floating the river with his family



Mikayla has a degree in Adventure Education from CMU while also Volunteering with local children to show just how fun it is to be outdoors and one with the environment. Mikayla has been apart of Summit Canyon since Spring of 2021 and we couldnt be more greaful!



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