6mm Pull Cord
6mm Pull Cord

6mm Pull Cord


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Imlay Canyon Rope is made for the rigors of canyoneering. Tightly woven of 100% polyester for toughness and water-non-absorbance, this static rope has a tight, thick sheath that resists cutting and abrasion. The polyester core and sheath work together to make a nice handling, very static rappelling rope.
The Pull Cord is a true static rope. In canyons, static rope is good. Not only is "rappel bounce" unpleasant for descenders, but bouncing the rappelling rope where it crosses an edge above you tends to gradually chew up your rappel rope. Our canyoneering rope is made 100% of polyester, a strong, tough and naturally non-stretch material. At bodyweight (200 lbs), all our static ropes have a stretch of 1/2 to 1%.

Strenght Rating: 2200 lbF
Weight:  4.06 lb/210ft

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