Bongo Hammer

Bongo Hammer


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Piton hammer with vibration-reducing handle. The Petzl Bongo is a piton hammer for adventure climbing, aid climbing, or for equipping new routes.

The hammerhead is made of forged steel, which is extremely strong. The copper tip dampens the vibrations of the pile driver's hand while also transmitting power from the percussion to the pile head. It may be used to set up and dismantle the camp with the help of a safety belt.

It is very suitable for driving the tent nail hammer into the hard ground, and can also be used as a daily household essential tool, good at beating and fixing. Useful practical tool for camping, hiking, picnic, family and other outdoor activities.


  • Rubber grip reduces vibrations
  • Hole in shaft for attaching a keeper cord
  • Hole in head for attaching a piton removal device
  • Curved head to facilitate piton removal

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