Djinn Axess 12 cm
Djinn Axess 12 cm
Djinn Axess 12 cm

Djinn Axess 12 cm


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Reliable and durable, the DJINN AXESS quickdraw is especially suited for rock climbing. DJINN carabiners have a wide rope contact zone to limit rope drag and provide greater durability for both carabiner and rope.

The design of the bent gate allows the rope to be clipped efficiently. The Keylock system prevents the carabiner from snagging when clipping and unclipping. Available in two lengths and two colors.


  • The DJINN carabiner gate mechanism is extremely dependable.
  • The H-shaped cross-section provides the best strength-to-weight ratio.
  • larger rope and anchor contact surfaces for improved rope gliding and less carabiner wear
  • long-lasting AXESS quickdraw sling
  • The STRING quickdraw sling guard keeps the carabiner in the correct orientation and protects the carabiner attachment loop from wear and tear.

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