Gopher A Flamingo!
Gopher A Flamingo!
Gopher A Flamingo!
Gopher A Flamingo!

Gopher A Flamingo!


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View your world through the rose-tinted awesomeness of these goodr Gopher A Flamingo! Sunglasses. Designed with golf-specific Flamingo Eye™ Technology lenses that serve up HD contrast on even the brightest days, those no-slip, no bounce frames pop with stylish rose gold accents and a cheeky flamingo print. We really think that golf is enjoyable. Is it really necessary to be so serious? Take a breather!

  • Our golf-specific lens has been termed "Flamingo EyeTM Technology" as a result of this. With all of the HD contrast and performance, but none of the arrogance.
  • The colours on the course are enhanced with polarised lenses, allowing you to see your ball as you sink your hole in one (or go OB...)
  • To assist prevent slippage when sinking that flamingo putt, we offer improved silicone inserts with a unique grip coating.
  • The term "bogey" has been renamed "flamingo."
  • Our frame is tight and light, with a comfortable fit to keep you from bouncing out of your shoes.

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