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Does it need an introduction? GRIGRI is the industry leader in belay devices. Cam-assisted blocking makes belaying easier in the gym or at the crag. With an ergonomic grip, the climber can easily manage the descent for a smooth and pleasant descent. It's small and light, and it works with single ropes ranging from 8.5 to 11 mm. It's ideal for working on your project!


  • The ergonomic grip makes unblocking the rope and lowering someone simple.
  • Progressive rope feed control ensures a smooth and pleasant descent.
  • The handled camming mechanism's 3:1 mechanical advantage helps manage rope feed on small-diameter ropes while requiring less effort on the handle for large-diameter ropes.
  • Simple to use for belaying both lead and top-rope climbers
  • Optimally balanced design: lightweight (175 g), compact, and durable

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