OneWheel PINT X
OneWheel PINT X
OneWheel PINT X
OneWheel PINT X

OneWheel PINT X


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The Onewheel Pint X promises higher speeds at 30 km/h and more range at 19-29 km than the Onewheel Pint. However, this affects the charging times significantly! While the Pint “only” needs 120 minutes to charge, the Onehweel Pint X is at a full 225 minutes with the standard charger. Even with the optional fast charger, you still have to charge for 110 minutes. Almost as long as the Pint with the normal charger. Future Motion should have perhaps included the Hyper Charger at this price. This might not bother some users, especially when charging overnight.

The new Pint X comes in a blue (called Powder Blue), which resembles the blue of the Onewheel XR at first glance. But a yellow variant is also on offer. All in all, it is very similar to the Pint. It is just a bit thicker. This is due to the additional battery cells, which are responsible for the higher range. For us, a Onewheel is like an eFoil for the road.


Experience level: beginner
Max. Speed: 30 km/h
Range: 29 km minutes
Charging time: 110 - 225 minutes
Engine: 0,75 kW
Weight incl. battery: 12,25 kg
Length: 68,9 cm
Width: 22,2 cm
Deliver time: 1 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: not available
Max. load: 80 kg
Remote control: no

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